Magick Academy for StarCraft & Photoshop Launches

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Hello everyone, hope you are all thriving and doing well. Just thought I would give an update about my new YT channel that features StarCraft 2 videos/commentary along with some Adobe software tutorials. Part of the StarCraft material will include coding bot with python which has the capability for A.I. & machine learning principles to be executed, then fine tuned.

Photoshop Class: Moving Backgrounds & .gifs part 1 of 2

I may post some highlights from my work on here, yet you can follow the account on YT and also twitter: @magick_academy

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“Learning & Marbles”

colored pencil on bristol paper – 2009

This drawing, “Learning and Marbles” was in my portfolio, which blessed me with the scholarship to Pratt in 2010. The piece was an assignment from my Drawing 2 class at Carroll. I placed three marbles on a bookshelf with some large, glossy textbooks.

The reflection in the wooden bookshelf and the glossy reflection all intermix with reflections of each other. Thinking conceptually about the subject matter, I wanted to play on the idea of marbles representing knowledge along with books.

Have you lost your marbles?


I was still developing my eye for depth perception and the nested marbles could have been pushed farther into the recessed textbook’s horizontally rolling plane. This diagonal isn’t balanced with another axial movement and thus, I tried to soften it with a very subtle curve.


Sept. ‘03 Newspaper feature

This is an old newspaper article with photo of my friend Travis, Kent and myself at Westlake Academy. I went half a semester in 6th grade before transferring to public school again with Southlake Carroll School District.

Bottom of Front Page – North East Tarrant Morning News on Sept, 3rd of 2003
Page 4 w/ photo feature