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My 2011 Album Artwork for “Remnants of Fallen Walls”

I found some old images of some paintings I was commissioned to do for a band from Dallas area named, “The Pajammas” way back in 2011. The album is actually still for sale on bandcamp. Check out the inside cover and back after the cover below.

astronomy blog

Star chart

This is a star chart that I drew with aid of my pocket compass and my  monocular hand telescope.

This is a screen shot of the Night Sky (digital version of star chart on an app I use) for the same time early on April 7th of 2021. I have improved a good bit since then, yet I thought I would post this one as I have not blogged about astronomy or making star charts with a hand telescope plus a compass. 

Professional Studio The Flying Dutchess

Some animated .gifs from my cartoon show, “The Flying Dutchess”

These are from my animated project I have been working on for the last two years is finally coming together; here is a sneak peek! It is the story of a Dutch girl in the Anglo-Dutch wars (the 1650s-1670s). Astrid joins as a midship mage in Dutch Navy. I created both for more extensive sequences, yet I thought making them as separate gifs would be an exciting way to introduce some of Astrid’s abilities on social media. You can check out @theflyingdutchessoffical on IG or the Dutchess FB page or our website

Art/Design old gems Professional Studio

Portrait of Anthony Graziano

I recently added some portraits to my ink wash and watercolor section, this watercolor portrait is of one of my best friends from when I lived in New Orleans. Anthony Graziano is also an incredible musician. I am very happy with how this portrait turned out.

Also, you can check out his music on his Bandcamp
Art/Design Design The American Game Deck

my illustrated Deck – Heroique/Amérique

The deck is still 4 suits of 13, modelled exactly from the standard 52-bicycle deck so it can be used for divination or for fun!

Jack of Clubs Explainer

A short animated picture behind the Jack of Clubs in the deck of cards that I illustrated last year. All the cards in this deck have an emblem from a really interesting emblem book by Claude Paradin in 1557 AD. I found an amazing book about medieval/renaissance emblemata in the library that referenced his book, Devises Heroiques. I have been extremely interested in this publication ever since and I am now working on a second version of the deck. Additionally, I am coding some card games with javascript that showcase the deck, I will post a link in the next post about it. I finally got around to getting my JS and React badges on Linked-In as well.


Nature Scenes from Asheville, NC

These are some of my paintings this last week of 2020 that I have spent in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Asheville in North Carolina.

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“Tarnished Teapot color study” oil on bristol, 2014

Teapot color study after Sergeant
Oil on Bristol, 2014 – This was painted from observation from a tarnished silver tea set that I inherited when my grandma Dot passed away more than a decade ago.

This is an old color study that I found while reorganizing some of my old portfolios. I will post some more old gems and rarities like this in the enminent future, especially ones that have never been posted or never have left the studio/sketchbook. This teapot was from an old knock-off silver set my grandmother gave me when she passed away. She raised my brother and I almost by herself, so she was very much like a mother to me. So, even though it is not worth much in a monetary sense, it is worth more than the Sun and the Moon for me personally.

She wasn’t big on Art, but she always believed I could be a great artist if I put my all into the brush she would say. We lost her almost ten years ago when I was only in high school. Grandma Dot is what I used to call her, short for Dorothy. She also turned me on on of my favorite painters even nowadays, John Signer Sargent. Can you see the influence of Sargent in the wet on wet oil style and color filled highlights?

I am also considering making a series of short videos that discuss my studio process and my major influnces from the Old Masters of Art History. I think combining some old works from sketchbooks and portfolios that have not seen daylight in quite some time with historical influnces would be a good way to showcase some of my old work while also informing my artistic peers and the public at large about important works of art/artists that they may have unintentionally neglected or could further their apperication. 


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NFL Week 7 Reading

Week 7 reading! Bears cover+6 on Rams Seahawks beat Cardinals Jags cover +7.5 on LA Ravens on bye and Giants already lost

Not touching Cows vs Washington!

I decided to start posting the reading as a video blog or VLOG. This next image is the complete layout of all the reading for week 7. The top left is the Battle of Ohio (Browns vs. Bengals) from Browns POV.

The reversed medicine wheel (eqv. for wheel of fortune) is a bad omen for Browns

Ravens are on a bye week and I am not touching the Cows versus Washington.

Farwell from Fort Worth, Stay Golden! -Matt Szal

The American Game Deck

Week 6 NFL Predictions and Hot Tips

First reading for #nfl week 6 (Spread) looks like close game with Titians and Houston (crazy to pick 2 teams playing each other like that). #Stealers cover 4 although #Browns still may win

Week 6 #nfl reading 2(straight winners) #giants beat the skins playing in New York, #eagles cover 10 on #ravens in #Philly and #Patriots beat #Broncos money line yet 8.5 spread is questionable #football#tarot#crystals#hottip

Last #nfl #week6 reading with my deck, #colts cover 7.5 at home verse the #bengals#Chargers have a bye this week but would of played the #jets so they likely loose to #dolphins
#NativeAmerican #tarot reading from #stealers POV verse the #browns
looks like a pretty intense game
#NativeAmerican #tarot reading first 2 POV #bangles next 2 POV #colts and last card for game in general – looks like colts take a captive, last card is give away dance for traditional native Am #friendship and gift giving, poss colts win yet give up careless points

I decided to keep things short and sweet this week, I will post a reading tomorrow about Cowboys game verse Cardinals . I might put a table together that shows my predictions against results (like a psychic score card) also, anyway good luck everybody. May the heart of the cards be with you!

Also, I posted all these on the twitter account I made for the deck @game_american so follow that account for all the hot tips and cool divination card pictures with candles and crystals!

I use a big amethyst and a purple candle since those are associated more than any other with clairvoyance and the third eye chakra.