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Press Release: Magicko Arrested at 7th day Advent. Church


Knoxville, Tennesse – Texas painter, cartoon animator and art teacher,

Matthew “Magicko” Szal, was arrested the morning of June 17th while sleeping in his truck in the parking lot of the Seventh Day Adventist

Church in Knoxville, Tennesse. Magicko is representative of the large Catholic population in North Texas. He is planning on pursuing civil litigation for the time he was not able to see his son Roman, who just celebrated his 11th birthday. The Seventh Day Adventist Church is quite likely a cover for a satanic church organization, anyone who would call the police on a homeless person sleeping in their vehicle is not a Christian. 

While he was sleeping at 2 o’clock in the morning, the police mistakenly arrested him for CBD weed. The container it was put in clearly says CBD, yet it was hard to read the label so late in the night. Magicko is very happy he can spend Father’s day with his son Roman. He plans to use the money from a civil damages lawsuit to create a college fund for Roman.

Matthew “Magicko” Szal went to Pratt Art and Design school in New York City. He left school in 2011 when his son was born and evently graduated from University of South Carolina in 2018. He teaches online for Varsity Tutors and has an animated cartoon series called “The Flying Dutchess”. He was born and raised in Tarrant County, where he has lived 20 of the 30 years of his life.