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Press Release: Magicko Arrested at 7th day Advent. Church


Knoxville, Tennesse – Texas painter, cartoon animator and art teacher,

Matthew “Magicko” Szal, was arrested the morning of June 17th while sleeping in his truck in the parking lot of the Seventh Day Adventist

Church in Knoxville, Tennesse. Magicko is representative of the large Catholic population in North Texas. He is planning on pursuing civil litigation for the time he was not able to see his son Roman, who just celebrated his 11th birthday. The Seventh Day Adventist Church is quite likely a cover for a satanic church organization, anyone who would call the police on a homeless person sleeping in their vehicle is not a Christian. 

While he was sleeping at 2 o’clock in the morning, the police mistakenly arrested him for CBD weed. The container it was put in clearly says CBD, yet it was hard to read the label so late in the night. Magicko is very happy he can spend Father’s day with his son Roman. He plans to use the money from a civil damages lawsuit to create a college fund for Roman.

Matthew “Magicko” Szal went to Pratt Art and Design school in New York City. He left school in 2011 when his son was born and evently graduated from University of South Carolina in 2018. He teaches online for Varsity Tutors and has an animated cartoon series called “The Flying Dutchess”. He was born and raised in Tarrant County, where he has lived 20 of the 30 years of his life.

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some artwork I made in France this April by observation

europa watercolor

Burgos Fountain Watercolor

Fountain in Front of the Burgos Cathedral – Watercolor on Watercolor Paper ( 7th of May 2022)

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Axial movements in Guido Reni’s Baroque masterpiece, “Aurora”

L’Aurora (The Aurora) is a large Baroque ceiling fresco painted in 1614 by Guido Reni for the Casino, or garden house adjacent to the Palazzo Pallavicini-Rospigliosi, in Rome. I created this gif to illustrate better the geometric structure underlining Reni’s beautiful sweeping forms of gods, goddesses and angels in the glorious gold-filled dawn.

The Baroque was known for dynamic movement, triangle compositions that seem larger than life yet replace the idealism of the renaissance with something more akin to the drama of an opera (which also became hugely popular around the same time in the 17th century). Below is another of my favorite Reni paintings, Susanna and the Elders (1620-25). The Susanna painting also uses a fantastic composition with powerful axial movements galore.

Susanna and the Elders, Guido Reni / 1620-25

When I was in art school at Pratt, we had several assignments requiring us to select an Old Master painting to break down axially. Any significant curve, line, or other shapes that define the big moves of colors or a figure in the image can be broken down this way. Our professor has us take tracing paper and we drew out the significant axial movements with different color pens or markers directly over a printout of the original painting. These exercises helped me to understand the deeper essence of composition and our class looked at Baroque paintings in particular for their use of balancing diagonals with triangles for a dynamic yet balanced and compositionally strong image. I still make these from masterworks for inspiration and historical allusions in my artwork.


Drawing of boots

This drawing is the first piece of artwork that I signed with my nickname (given to me by my friends in New Orleans), Magicko.

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Star chart

This is a star chart that I drew with aid of my pocket compass and my  monocular hand telescope.

This is a screen shot of the Night Sky (digital version of star chart on an app I use) for the same time early on April 7th of 2021. I have improved a good bit since then, yet I thought I would post this one as I have not blogged about astronomy or making star charts with a hand telescope plus a compass. 

Professional Studio The Flying Dutchess

Some animated .gifs from my cartoon show, “The Flying Dutchess”

These are from my animated project I have been working on for the last two years is finally coming together; here is a sneak peek! It is the story of a Dutch girl in the Anglo-Dutch wars (the 1650s-1670s). Astrid joins as a midship mage in Dutch Navy. I created both for more extensive sequences, yet I thought making them as separate gifs would be an exciting way to introduce some of Astrid’s abilities on social media. You can check out @theflyingdutchessoffical on IG or the Dutchess FB page or our website

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Portrait of Anthony Graziano

I recently added some portraits to my ink wash and watercolor section, this watercolor portrait is of one of my best friends from when I lived in New Orleans. Anthony Graziano is also an incredible musician. I am very happy with how this portrait turned out.

Also, you can check out his music on his Bandcamp
Art/Design Design old gems Professional Studio

My 2011 Album Artwork for “Remnants of Fallen Walls”

I found some old images of some paintings I was commissioned to do for a band from Dallas area named, “The Pajammas” way back in 2011. The album is actually still for sale on bandcamp. Check out the inside cover and back after the cover below.