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Artist Interview with Susan Lenz

I had the pleasure of interviewing famous installation & fiber artist, Susan Lenz, almost a decade ago. This is a YouTube video of the interview which was for her show in 2014 at the Tapp’s Art Center, with its incredible director Caitlin Bright.

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Flying Dutchess Update

Howdy everyone, I thought I would give all my blog readers a sneak peak at some of the new The Flying Dutchess (TFD) content in the works.

The idea of having a “broom-craft carrier” is influenced by WW2 style aircraft carrier’s with planes that take-off and land. Instead of having the flying units (mid-ship mages) run off the deck, an opening door in the rear allows magick users to fly in and out as well as hippocampus (Greek: water horse) drawn boats/individual riders.

I have also been working on several aquatic scenes with ocean animals such as this seal, dolphins and turtles to name a few. Every magick user in the series has a naval dirk that they use to cast spells and a flying animal plus a land/water animal that fly on the end of their broom.

The first battle of the Anglo-Dutch war takes place near the Straits of Dover ( also called the Battle of Goodwin Sands). This is Dover Castle which is visible from this area. It has a magickal shield that protects it from attacks in the air and sea.

These images show off the new style of the series (it has gone through several different stylistic variations), which is an 8-bit/16-bit retro Game Boy Advance aesthetic. This image below is of Astrid casting a spell with her naval dirk, in the finalized look for the show.

Visit the for more content and updates along with the instagram account: @theflyingdutchessoffical


Most Fish News Article

This article is from when I was in Club Scouts, and won the award for most fish caught as a Bear Scout with 19 fish! The article was written circa August 2000, 23 years ago.

I was quick to throw each fish back into the lake. These little sunfish were eager to return to my presence. I was living in Trophy Club with my family in 3rd grade. The fishing contest was the same year I won the Pinewood Derby held by our Cub Scout Troop (#928 of the Long Horn Council), later representing us at the Texas State level race.


Magick Academy for StarCraft & Photoshop Launches

Visit the channel on Youtube at:

Hello everyone, hope you are all thriving and doing well. Just thought I would give an update about my new YT channel that features StarCraft 2 videos/commentary along with some Adobe software tutorials. Part of the StarCraft material will include coding bot with python which has the capability for A.I. & machine learning principles to be executed, then fine tuned.

Photoshop Class: Moving Backgrounds & .gifs part 1 of 2

I may post some highlights from my work on here, yet you can follow the account on YT and also twitter: @magick_academy

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NFT: T90? Graveyard

Dedicated and Presented to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy


Highlights – Sketchbook Summer 2023

Happy Bastille Day everyone! Here are some highlights from my sketchbook this summer I would like to share:

Drawing of priest during Mass @ StElizabeth Ann Seton

Drawing of Altar @ St. Elizabeth

Hebrew Calligraphy Practice

Watercolor @ Pershing Square in Los Angeles of Beethoven Statue

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Dutchess Concept Video

Video post on the FB account that I made from screen video discussing the inspiration/concepts I was influnced by in making, The Flying Dutchess

Art/Design Professional The Flying Dutchess

New backdrop portfolio

Check out my newest portfolio of backgrounds and backdrops for animation (mostly for The Flying Dutchess).


Invisible Cities

Check out my latest portfolio addition from 2018, a set of intaglio etchings inspired by Goya – here