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NFL Week 7 Reading

Week 7 reading! Bears cover+6 on Rams Seahawks beat Cardinals Jags cover +7.5 on LA Ravens on bye and Giants already lost

Not touching Cows vs Washington!

I decided to start posting the reading as a video blog or VLOG. This next image is the complete layout of all the reading for week 7. The top left is the Battle of Ohio (Browns vs. Bengals) from Browns POV.

The reversed medicine wheel (eqv. for wheel of fortune) is a bad omen for Browns

Ravens are on a bye week and I am not touching the Cows versus Washington.

Farwell from Fort Worth, Stay Golden! -Matt Szal

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Week 5 Hot Tips & Predictions – The American Game (Divination Deck)

1st Reading with American Game Deck
Native American Tarot Reading 3 for Giants at Cowboys


Last weekend I went to Las Vegas for a business trip and won two big parlays in the NFL Week 4 along with a nice little packet on the Iowa upset versus the Sooners. I stayed at the Westgate Casino/Hotel because when I started football wagering +5 years ago, I heard they were the premier Sportsbook that most other outfits looked at for spreads, money lines, and over/under figures.

Why have I had so much success with football wagering? I have never played football; in fact, I was the president of the Art Club at my high school (sort of the opposite of playing ball). Yet, my high school (Southlake Carroll Senior High) was/is one of the best 5A (now 6A) High schools in all of Texas, which means something if you know anything about Texas High School football (or have seen Friday Night Lights, yes we even beat Odessa my senior year). The Dragons won the Texas football state championship in 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006 and most recently in 2012.

So, my knowledge of football came from my high school’s almost fanatic obsession and my mother, who was at Texas Christian University (TCU Horn Frogs) for more than 25 years. In the last couple of years, I decided to incorporate cartomancy (divination with playing cards I paint on) and Tarot card reading into my wager system along with my personal list of superstitions and rules. Some of these include never bet on your home team (TCU Frogs and Dallas Cowboys), never bet against Alabama (no matter how crazy the spread) or the Packers at home. Some other big factors I look at are how many points the defense allows on average, is the team playing in a climate that is significantly hotter or colder than home and my personal favorite is betting against a team visiting from 2 or 3 time zones away especially if it’s a late game.

I decided to start posting some of my tarot and my personal deck readings for the benefit of other professional gamblers. I also have 41 of 52 cards finished in my own deck, which I call Les Cartes De Jeu Américaines (Fr. – The American Game Deck). It has all 32 teams represented and I am currently making another version without any copyrighted logos or NFL mentions, which I hope to finish and sell before the end of the year.

Now for the dope on the games which you have all been waiting for, drum roll please… 

I am seeing the Ravens and Seahawks as smart money this Sunday. Even with -11.5 point spread, it would seem that the Ravens can cover this against the Bengals playing in Baltimore (last week it was -14 vs DC which was a push since they won by 14). Although taking the over in this game (which is 50.5 or more), seems inevitable.

I predicted the Browns covering the spread (part of the second parlay I won last week with Buccaneers which was a push, so I still got my principle back plus half winnings). The cards revealed the Astrum card (lucky star usually means a win) reversed followed by reversed Giants and Browns. It would seem the Colts probably beat the Browns at home this week, yet I haven’t seen the Astrum card reversed followed by reversed team card yet (I only finished the American Game Deck at this stage 1 week ago). So, excited to see what trends it reveals. The Equality Card (in Latin the phrase on the card means God is more favorable to none) last week was showing favorite wins and the underdog will lose with favorable Colts winning and underdog Lions losing.

The green Wind/Excess card last week was preceded by reverse Jags and reverse Bears, who both lost and failed to cover the spread or even come close. So, the reverse Cows card followed by Excess and Reverse Astrum then Reverse Giants on next reading could be that the Cows win, yet Giants cover the -8.5 spread in Dallas today.

I will spare a long analysis on Native American Tarot Reading (asking about Giants at Cowboys) but remember this. Jason Garret played for the Cowboys with Troy Aikman when they won the Super Bowl in 1992-3 (1992 was the year I was born lucky me) and he was the offensive coordinator, then head coach of the Cows (longer than anyone except head coach Tom Landry himself). Garrett is now the offensive coordinator for the Giants, and this is his 1st return to Dallas since awkwardly being replaced by Jerry with our New coach McCarthy (old Packers coach who led them to Super Bowl in the 2010-11 Season)

The Reversed Polygamy and reversed Sled (Equivalent to The Chariot in Rider-Waite Tarot) foreshadow warns of a broken home leading to great shame with divine/spiritual transformation. Maiden of Pipes (Page of Wands) remembers an injury forever and her only patience is the vengeful ambush. Both teams are so bad this year, it will be a dog fight regardless. Over 53 seems high but with how many points each team has been allowing and personal history, probably the safest bet this Sunday is Over 53 on this game. 

Last, we have the Rams, who the cards see covering the -7.5 against DC (former Redskins, I am glad they removed the old racist name, but I think they should go back to the original team name which was the Boston Braves).

Good Luck today or should I say BREAK A LEG? I will try to post every weekend until the Super Bowl and hopefully add some college picks in as well, my college system is way harder to explain so I have to think about how to write that all up.

Luck be a lady, I want Vegas to pay me…
Article by Matt Szal

Giants @ Cowboys week 5 with Native American Tarot