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NFL Week 7 Reading

Week 7 reading! Bears cover+6 on Rams Seahawks beat Cardinals Jags cover +7.5 on LA Ravens on bye and Giants already lost

Not touching Cows vs Washington!

I decided to start posting the reading as a video blog or VLOG. This next image is the complete layout of all the reading for week 7. The top left is the Battle of Ohio (Browns vs. Bengals) from Browns POV.

The reversed medicine wheel (eqv. for wheel of fortune) is a bad omen for Browns

Ravens are on a bye week and I am not touching the Cows versus Washington.

Farwell from Fort Worth, Stay Golden! -Matt Szal

The American Game Deck

Week 6 NFL Predictions and Hot Tips

First reading for #nfl week 6 (Spread) looks like close game with Titians and Houston (crazy to pick 2 teams playing each other like that). #Stealers cover 4 although #Browns still may win

Week 6 #nfl reading 2(straight winners) #giants beat the skins playing in New York, #eagles cover 10 on #ravens in #Philly and #Patriots beat #Broncos money line yet 8.5 spread is questionable #football#tarot#crystals#hottip

Last #nfl #week6 reading with my deck, #colts cover 7.5 at home verse the #bengals#Chargers have a bye this week but would of played the #jets so they likely loose to #dolphins
#NativeAmerican #tarot reading from #stealers POV verse the #browns
looks like a pretty intense game
#NativeAmerican #tarot reading first 2 POV #bangles next 2 POV #colts and last card for game in general – looks like colts take a captive, last card is give away dance for traditional native Am #friendship and gift giving, poss colts win yet give up careless points

I decided to keep things short and sweet this week, I will post a reading tomorrow about Cowboys game verse Cardinals . I might put a table together that shows my predictions against results (like a psychic score card) also, anyway good luck everybody. May the heart of the cards be with you!

Also, I posted all these on the twitter account I made for the deck @game_american so follow that account for all the hot tips and cool divination card pictures with candles and crystals!

I use a big amethyst and a purple candle since those are associated more than any other with clairvoyance and the third eye chakra.