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New backdrop portfolio

Check out my newest portfolio of backgrounds and backdrops for animation (mostly for The Flying Dutchess).

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Images from Spanish Iglesia Sketchbook – April/May ’22

These are a few of the drawings, check out my page below for my writing and the other observational drawings from Spain.


Invisible Cities

Check out my latest portfolio addition from 2018, a set of intaglio etchings inspired by Goya – here


Invisible Cities

This is a series of intaglio etchings I did with some Spiderman collage variants.

The Flying Dutchess

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Art Criticism blog

Essay on sunlight throughout Art History as a medium

old gems poetry

Truly Bleutiful

a poem by M. Szal,
dedicated to Frida Kahlo & Georgia O’Keeffe

Our time is near,
out of darkness,
Our fate starts to appear,
pale and shimmer,
Our beautiful future ever so crystal clear…

We shall twinkle like a star,
With our sweet embrace close here,
How long can I hold my breath,
silence speaks ever so loudly, my dear…

Without you my heart feels death,
together we’ll shine bright don’t fear,
I know we’ve both had lovers before,
but no one ever loved anyone more,
as much as I treasure you and adore,
with your muse the deaf could hear,
We’ll make the whole world shout and cheer..

Your a jem that I would fight for, thine path crystal clear,
whatever it takes,
for like a shimmering sapphire of happiness,
to always be within you and always to be near…

I see eternity in your eyes,
truly so bleautiful,
is your heart and soul,
With devotion that’s dutiful, we’re just like,
Diego and Frida together,
The Truest heart of destiny is you and I.


Whispers in the Wind

Art Criticism blog

My interview with Karolina Karlic

This is a piece I wrote for a quarterly photography journal, interviewing Los Angeles-based artist Karolina Karlic.

my article on the interview in Aint-Bad
blog watercolor

Pershing Square Watercolors

I was blessed to move to Los Angeles last year at the end of September 2022. As many of the Old Masters once painted the buildings and sculptures in the parks and squares of cities they lived, I have endeavored to do so in reverence to them.

Title Guarantee and Trust Company Building – watercolor on paper, Oct. 2022

In an attempt to cure my insatiable love of Art Deco buildings, I visited Pershing Square. The Title & Trust building is an Art Deco gem situated off the square, named after prestigious WW1 General Pershing himself, mastermind of the Argonne Forest Campaign. In this watercolor, I did not do any underdrawing with pencil or pen and painted this with the brush from observation with no reference photographs. This process increases dexterity with the brush and better economy of line with each brush stroke.

View from Pershing Square Two – watercolor on paper, Oct. 2022

Pershing Square was redesigned by Ricardo Legorreta in the 1990s and these elegant, orange spheres feature prominently in the square vibrant new look.

A photograph of the Title Guarantee and Trust Building with Orange Sphere in foreground