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my illustrated Deck – Heroique/Amérique

The deck is still 4 suits of 13, modelled exactly from the standard 52-bicycle deck so it can be used for divination or for fun!

Jack of Clubs Explainer

A short animated picture behind the Jack of Clubs in the deck of cards that I illustrated last year. All the cards in this deck have an emblem from a really interesting emblem book by Claude Paradin in 1557 AD. I found an amazing book about medieval/renaissance emblemata in the library that referenced his book, Devises Heroiques. I have been extremely interested in this publication ever since and I am now working on a second version of the deck. Additionally, I am coding some card games with javascript that showcase the deck, I will post a link in the next post about it. I finally got around to getting my JS and React badges on Linked-In as well.